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Benxi Beiying Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.

As a holding subsidiary of Benxi Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd, Benxi Beiying Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd has a complete steel industry production system, including sintering, coking, iron-making, steel-making, steel rolling, pipe casting, power generation, highway and railway transportation. Now it has a comprehensive production capacity of 7.8 million tons of iron, 8 million tons of steel billets, 8.5 million tons of steel (including the capacity of escrow), and 250000 tons of ductile iron pipes. Besides, it is the largest wire rod production base in northeast China and also a large domestic ductile iron pipe manufacturer.

Benxi Beiying Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd was established on April 5, 2002 with a registered capital of 6 billion yuan. In 2010, under the guidance of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, it completed merger and reorganization with Benxi Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd and has become a holding subsidiary of the latter. The company’s main products include hot-rolled strip steel, hot-rolled wire rod, hot-rolled ribbed steel bars, metal ductile iron pipes and other construction steel. On August 19, 2022, it won the "2022 National High Quality Building Steel Brand Process Quality Award". This honor has further enhanced the company’s market recognition and brand influence.

By the year of 2025, the company will form a production system with the main products such as cord steel, wire rod for welding wire, high carbon hard wire, medium and low grade cold heading steel, wire rod for prestressed steel wire and steel strand, wire rod for prestressed steel bar, with focus on the development and production of wire rod for bead wire, wire rod for special purpose welding wire, wire rod for general purpose spring wire, etc. Hence, the production line of 1780mm will produce the narrow section high-strength steel by the line of 2300mm , fulfilling the goal of serialized production of oil pipeline steel from Grade B to Grade X65, wheel steel products BG330-BG590CL, automobile girder steel below 500MPa, container steel SPA-H, railway vehicle steel Q450NQR1 and other steel varieties and various caliber cast pipes of the company brand.

Towards the future, focusing on the "7531" strategic goal of Ansteel Group, and clinging to the "1357" work guidelines of Benxi Iron and Steel Group, the company will comprehensively promote market-oriented reform and optimize the capacity layout, in order to improve the energy efficiency of production lines as well as implement lean operation. It will also promote digital transformation and adhere to green and low-carbon development to make Beiying Company a new benefit growth point of Benxi Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.