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Cold Rolling Products
  The main processing equipments of cold rolling include: pickling line, finishing treatment, skin pass, bell-type annealing furnace, CGL, silicon steel pickling, CAL, recoiling line in the 1st cold rolling mill ; PLTCM , CAL, 2 CGL and recoiling lines in Posco; 2280PLTCM, 2150CAL/1630CAL, 1870CGL , 1380 high strength steel line (CACGL) of the 3rd cold rolling mill.
Steel Grade Designation Specification Application
Hot-rolled pickled strip for cold rolling SPHC SPHD SPHE SPHF DD11 DD12 DD13 DD14 HR1 HR2 HR3 thickness 1.2-6.0mm
width 750-1500mm
Hot rolled steel products are used in automobiles, household appliances, cabinets, shipbuilding, sports equipment and other industries. The existing users in network are 22 and indirect users more than 70. The products with the good quality and advanced level in China that we can supply are more than 30 grades.
Hot-rolled pickled strip for automobile structure SAPH310 SAPH370 SAPH400 SAPH440 QStE340TM QStE380TM QStE420TM QStE460TM QStE500TM BG330CL BG380CL BG420CL BG490CL BG320L BG440L BG510L TL1106 TL1110 TL1111 TL1402 TL1406 410XLF SPFH540 SPFH590
Hot-rolled pickled strip for structure Q195 Q215 Q235 Q275 Q345 SS330 SS400 SS490 SS540 S185 S235JR S235J0 S235J2 S275JR S275J0 S275J2 S355JR S355J0 S355J2 S355K2 St37-2 St37-3
High strength structure steel S315MC S355MC S420MC S460MC S500MC S550MC
Welding tube steel SPHT1 SPHT2 SPHT3 SPHT4

  Ⅱ.Cold rolling product
Steel Grade Designation Specification Application
Cold-rolled low C and extra low C steel sheets and strips SPCC SPCD SPCE SPCEN DC01 DC02DC03 DC04 DC05 DC06 DC07 thickness 0.3mm-2.5mm
width 1000mm-2150mm
the max products strength can reach to 980MPa.
used for automobile parts such as door panel, side wall, trunk cover plate and so on
Cold rolled carbon structural steel sheets and strip St37 St44 St52 used for simple machined parts, such as carriage frame, middle and bottom plate and all kinds of reinforcing plates, etc..
Rephosphorized high strength steel sheets and strip B170P B210P B250P B180P2 B220P2 B260P2 used to make the car door pannel, the engine cover plate , the top cover and other automobile covering parts as well as the reinforced and structural parts such as crossbeams and stringers.
Bake hardening steel sheets and strip 140BH 180BH 220BH 260BH 300BH used on automobile door plates and engine cover plates.
High strength Low alloy steel sheets and strip B340LA B410LA HC260LA HC300LA HC340LA HC380LA HC420LA HC460LA HC500LA used to process automobile seats, crossbeams and other structural parts.
Dual-phase high strength steel sheets and strip 250/450DP 300/500DP 280/590DP 340/590DP 420/780DP HC420/780DP R450/780DP HC500/780DP HC550/980DP HC550/980DP-EL HC650/980DP HC700/980DP DP390DP440 DP590 DP780 used to make automobile bumpers, suspension system and strengthening parts
TRIP steel 380/590TR 400/690TR 420/780TR It is used to manufacture the relative complex structure, such as reinforcement plates of automobile B columns.
Hot stamping steel PHS1500 PHS1800 PHS2000 Front and rear bumpers, A columns, B columns, middle channel and other safety structural parts

Steel Grade Designation Specification Application
Hot dip galvanized low C and extra-low C steel DC51D+Z DC51D+ZF DC52D+Z DC52D+ZF DC53D+Z DC53D+ZF DC54D+Z DC54D+ZF DC56D+Z C56D+ZF DC57D+Z DC57D+ZF thickness:0.4-2.5mm
widely applied in automobile, house-hold appliance, building and machinery manufacturing and other industries.
Hot dip galvanized structure steel S220GD+Z S220GD+ZF S250GD+Z S250GD+ZF S280GD+Z S280GD+ZF S320GD+Z S320GD+ZF S350GD+Z S350GD+ZF
Hot dip galvanized deep draw high strength steel H180YD+Z HC180YD+Z HX180YD+Z H180YD+ZF HC180YD+ZF HX180YD+ZF H220YD+Z HC220YD+Z
Hot dip galvanized rephosphorized high strength steel H220PD+Z HX220PD+Z H220PD+ZF HX220PD+ZF H260PD+Z HX260PD+Z H260PD+ZF HX260PD+ZF H300PD+Z HX300PD+Z H300PD+ZF HX300PD+ZF
Hot dip galvanized high strength low alloy steel H260LAD+Z HC260LAD+Z HX260LAD+Z H260LAD+ZF HC260LAD+ZF HX260LAD+ZF H300LAD+Z HC300LAD+Z HX300LAD+Z H300LAD+ZF HC300LAD+ZF HX300LAD+ZF H340LAD+Z HC340LAD+Z HX340LAD+Z H340LAD+ZF HC340LAD+ZF HX340LAD+ZF H380LAD+Z HC380LAD+Z HX380LAD+Z H380LAD+ZF HC380LAD+ZF HX380LAD+ZF H420LAD+Z HC420LAD+Z HX420LAD+Z H420LAD+ZF HC420LAD+ZF HX420LAD+ZF
Hot dip galvanized bake hardening steel H180BD+Z H180BD+ZF HC180BD+Z HC180BD+ZF HX180BD+Z HX180BD+ZF H220BD+Z H220BD+ZF HC220BD+Z HC220BD+ZF HX220BD+Z HX220BD+ZF H260BD+Z H260BD+ZF HC260BD+Z HC260BD+ZF HX260BD+Z HX260BD+ZF H300BD+Z H300BD+ZF HC300BD+Z HC300BD+ZF X300BD+Z HX300BD+ZF
Hot dip galvanized dual-phase high strength steel HC250/450DPD+Z HC250/450DPD+ZF HC300/500DPD+Z HC300/500DPD+ZF HC280/590DPD+Z HC280/590DPD+ZF HC340/590DPD+Z HC340/590DPD+ZF

  Ⅳ.Silicon steel products
  Specification: thickness 0.5-0.65mm
  Steel Grade: It covers 50BW470, 50BW530, 50BW600, 50BW700, 50BW800, 50BW1000,50BW1300, 65BW700, 65BW1600 etc. and cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel required by users specially. The annual production capacity can reach to 200,000 tons and the electro-magnetic property is advanced in same domestic industry. The products have passed SGS and fluorine resistance certification.
  Application : Widely used in compressor motors, general motors, small precision motors and EI chip transformers.