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Ductile Iron Pipe Products
  Main processing equipment:Smelting production line, annealing production line, finishing production line, lining producton line, spraying production line.
Varieties Grade Application
Ductile Iron Pipes DN80-DN1200mm
Main types of interface tubes
T.K.S.N and self-anchored type of interface tubes.
Ductile iron pipe with T-type sliding flexible connection,Ductile iron pipe with k-type interface tube DN80-DN2600mm
T and K types for urban water pipeline project network.
S and N types DN100-DN700mm For urban gas transmission pipeline project network
Self -anchored Ductile Iron Pipe DN80-DN1600mm Fit for all terrain and climatic conditions
Spheroidal Casting Iron Pipes in water-cooled permanent mould ,lined with epoxy ceramic tubes Grade:DN1200 Applicable for construction in strongly acidic or caustic soil environments and delivery of industrial and domestic sewage with strong corrosion.