Ben Steel News
Research & Development Achievements

Benxi Steel (Group) has been striving for products structure diversity and high quality as well as developing high-value-added products to achieve rapid R & D, production and good result with market-oriented idea, and focusing on user requirement for the purpose of high quality,low cost and high return. Morever,Benxi Steel has been improving the grades and material quality by accelerating productstranformation and upgrading to build well-known high quality steel bases at home and abroad and to provide more economic benefits for enterprise .

As for the products R & D, Benxi Steel mainly adjusts product structure with annually developing more than 30 new grades, including 1500 MPa and 1800 MPa super-high strength hot-pressing forming steel, hot dip galvanized automobile panels, cold rolled dual phase steel of grade DP980, pipeline steel of grade X100/X80, special vehicle gear steel, high level cord steel and other advanced products. Moreover, most of the new develped products has been bulk supplied to users. Meanwhile, Benxi Steel has been actively engaged in the strategic "advanced intervention", and many of its products have obtained international or domestic certification and evaluation, and achieved individual production according to users’ requirements. Products certification has been carried out for 109 items, which all get to bulk supply. Among them, automobile sheet has got  domestic and global famous enterprises parts or entire vehical certification, such as GM, Toyota, Nissan, hyundai, faw, saic, gac, etc. Pipeline Steel and petroleum drill collar steel have obtained the certification by Petro-China and Sinope; and tire cord steel has been certified by bekaert.

In terms of technology, Benxi Steel focuses on variety, quality and cost, actively carrying out major projects of science and technology research and breakthrough, including "research on the high efficiency and safety of long life technology of furnace", "electrico galvanized products R & D and quality control breakthrough", "R & D on slab continuous casting and rolling products and quality stability control breakthrough". The group organizes more than 50 science and technology projects annually  with characteristics of wide range, complex technology, multi-process and strong affinity. Meanwhile, Benxi Steel has developed technologies in regarding to large coke and dry quenching, large blast furnace smelting , automobile plate consistent production, high grade pipeline steel production, which owns unique characteristics and core technology.

In application of government projects of science and technology, Benxi Steel actively declares grand science and technology specials at or above the provincial level. Among them,"Research and Examples of diversified usage of iron ore and taillings resource of Bengang Wai Tou Shan Mine"has been listed as alternative support plan projects of National Ministry of Science and Technology; "Research on mining process MES system based on cloud computing"has been approved by National Development and Reform Commission and has obtained financial support. In the joint declaration with An Gang Steel and Iron and Steel Research Institute,"the project of high intensity pipeline steel under low temperature and high pressure service"has been listed as one of national key research and development programs. Benxi Steel jointly declared fund project for three items with the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Northeastern University;"Developing and Producing of the third generation of automobile high-strength steel"has obtained approval of Provincial Science and Technology Office and got financial support; also, the group has applied for 4 projects on introducing advanced overseas applicale technology through Commission of Economy and Information Techonology and Finance Department; and 8 projects on introducing overseas R & D Team through Foreign Expert Bureau to actively integrate into the national technological innovation system.

In terms of foreign cooperation, Benxi Steel actively combine procution, study and research with support of projects. It has been coopearting and communicating with SMS, TMEIC, South Korea's Posco, China Iron and Steel Research Technology Group, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Northeast University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Science and Technology University, Shanghai University, Jilin university in multi-level, multi-channel and multi-mode styles, involving mining, coking, iron-making, steel-making, steel rolling and automation, information resource use, energy conservation, environmental protection and other aspects for more than 10 projects per year, by which accelerates the transformation from scientific and technological achievements into realistic productivity and strengthens the ability of enterprise innovation.

At present, Benxi Steel has won the honors of "national technology innovation demonstration enterprise" by National Ministry of Industryand Information Technology, "China’s top brand industrial enterprises with great competitiveness" and "Liaoning innovative leading enterprise".

In the future, Benxi Steel will rationally use internal and external talents and technology resources  to continuously strengthen group power from various aspects of designing development to users apllication by absorbing and employing high-quality talents at home and abroad to participate in Benxi Steel products R & D, quality improvement, process technology advancement, R & D base construction, technical transformation consulting work for the purpose of enhancing the level of technological innovation of Benxi Steel.