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Social Responsibility

Benxi Steel Group actively takes up social responsibilities and always supports and participates in social charities, carrying forward the Chinese traditional virtue of helping those in danger and poverty and relieving those in need and weak.Helping people generously with money in debating earthquake,helping vulnerable communities as well as helping difficult people. BX Steel makes positive contributions to develop local charity,improves people’s livelihood and the harmony and stability of the society and establishes a good social image. In 2009, BX Steel is awarded the first "China charity outstanding contribution" by the  Ministry of Civil Affairs and is rated as fixed-point poverty alleviation work advanced unit for consecutive years in Liaoning province and outstanding enterprises charity in Benxi.

1.To devote love and participate in social charity work

Benxi Steel Group insists on changing their social responsibility into their long-term value orientation and culture traditions all the time and takes part in social charitable public welfare activities actively. According to general arrangement of charity federation of Benxi, the charity branch of Benxi Steel Group was established in 2004 which is consisted by five volunteer teams, the first volunteer team aims at ‘respecting and honoring the aged’, the second volunteer team aims at "helping children in study ", the third volunteer team aims at "psychological counseling", the fourth volunteer team aims at "environmental protection and afforestation", the fifth one aims at “helping the poor” and recruiting 2870 volunteers in total. In July, 2015, the fifth volunteer team held massive replanting exercise and other social environmental protection public welfare activities, barren mountain reclamation and planted 2800 poplars. the charity branch of Benxi Steel Group will expand their volunteer team and hold various and rich social charitable public welfare activities to enhance the social influence of enterprises.

2.Take Responsibility and Fulfill the Social Responsibility of the Company

Benxi Steel actively participates in public welfare donation activities, supports social welfare, and donates 6392 million yuan from 2009 to 2015. Donating 1 million yuan to Shanxi Coking Coal Group Co., Ltd. Happend to gas explosion. Donating 10 million yuan to people fall into Yushu earthquake in Qinghai province. Donating 1 million to the hard worker support center in State-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission of Liaoning province. Sponsoring 1.5 million yuan to the 7th Benxi International Maple Leaf Lestival supproted by the National Tourism Administration and the People's Government of Liaoning Province and BX Government. Donating 8 million yuan for the provincial  hero and martyr of public security. Donating 20 million yuan to the 12th National Games; Sponsoring 1 million yuan to Northeastern University; Donating 2 million yuan to educational fund in Benxi. Donating 1,000 tons of cement equivalent to 390,000 yuan For the foundation construction of poverty-stricken township. Investing 230 thousand yuan to build a bridge for the poor rural areas. Sponsoring  8 million to Liaoning Hengye Basketball Club; Donating 5 million yuan to charity; Donating 800,000 yuan to support poor rural areas.

3.Care for Employees, Actively Build Harmonious Enterprises

We have constantly promoted the institutionalization of helping management,forming diversified forms of help and regular help activities when ensuring the basic life of the workers who have difficulties in life. Forming emergency aid system, regarding basic subsistence of the people who are in difficulty as core, which is composed of the multi-level and wide-covered aid system of hand-in-hand system, medical aid and school-aid,and put various systems into practice.

We put up the activity of "help chidren in study". we will investigate and know the real situation of the staff whose children have difficulties in entering into university, and we will allocate funds to help them in finishing their classes. From 2009 to 2015, we have assisted 1287 staff's children to enter into university in total and the amount of assistance fee is three million thirty-seven thousand yuan.

In order to help the sick workers to reduce the economic burden caused by hospitalization, we actively organize workers to take part in China Workers' Insurance Association <In-service Medical Assistance and Mutual Assistance Scheme> to build multi-level medical security system for staff, at the end of 2015, there are 551,000 staff to participate in total, and nearly 47,000 people were paid compensation ,the amount of compensation is thirty-six million four hundred and twenty-one thousand yuan.

Benxi Steel actively participates in the social charity and carries out helping the poor and public charity campaign with a strong sense of social responsibility. Benxi Steel obtains the wide praise from all walks of life and makes outstanding contributions to construct a harmonious society.