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Special Steel Products
  Main process equipment of Special Steel Products include the following:2 Sets Of 50-Ton Extra-High Power Furnace,2 Set Of 50-Ton Ladle Furnace,1 set Of Vacuum Degassing Device,9 sts Of 1-5 Ton Electro-Slag Re-Melting Furnace,1 set Of Medium-Sized Billet Caster Of 235mm*265mm,180-Ton Converter,180-Ton Ladle Furnace,180-Ton RH Vacuum Circulation Degassing Regining,1 Set Of Rectangular Slab Caster Of 350mm*470mm,1 Set Of Φ800mm Italian VAI-POMINI Houseless Dhort Stress Path Rolling Mill.
Varieties Grades Product Specification Application
Bearing Steel GCr15 GCr15SiMn GCr15SiMo GCr18Mo SAE52100
G20CrNiMoA G20CrNi2MoA G20Cr2Ni4A etc
Round Bars :
Products covers Φ20mm-Φ280mm and Billets 203mm×203mm, 154mm×154mm, 105mm×105mm, ect.
High carbon chromium bearing steel has been widely in making of rollers and axle sleeves on transmission shafts of automobile, construction manchinery, internal combustion engine manufacture ,electric locomotive,machine tool, tractor,rolling equipment,drilling and exploring machinery,etc. Carburized Bearing Steel has been mainly used in Locomotive and wind power industries.High quality high - carbon chromium bearing steel that we researched and developed have been highly appraised by domestic bearing factories.
Gear Steel SCM822H SCM420H SAE8620H ZF7 16MnCr5H
20MnCr5H 19CrNi5H 20CrNi3H 20CrMnTiH etc
Ben Gang gear steel has enjoyed nearly 70 years history. There are seven major series including Cr-Mn-Ti, Cr-Mo, Cr-Ni-Mo, Cr-Mn-Mo, Cr-Ni, Mn-Cr, Cr-Mn-B,with grades cover JIS,ASTM,EN etc.they have been used in the making of gearbox and rear gear of medium and high trucks.BX Steel is the main supplier of domestic heavy-load gear steel.Our products have met the advanced level in China.Gear steel with series of SCM822H, SAE8620H, SCM420H, 20CrMnTiH have won National Metallurgical Material Quality Gold cup Award successively.BenGang Brand automotive gear steel has also got Liaoning Famous-Brand Products Title and enjoyed good market reputation.
Petroleum Steel SAE4137H(M) AISI4145H(M) AISI4137H
40CrMnMo 20CrMnMo 20CrMnTi SN2025 EX30
20CrNiMo 20Ni4Mo etc
Mainly used in the processing and manufacturing of oil well pipe,oil mining machinery which includes oil drill pipe, drill collar,oil drill pipe joint,drilling machine,drill etc.The raw material of Bengang Petroleum Steel was exploited from local mineral mines. The remaining content of our products has been effectively controlled with low harmful elements,which ensured mechanical property of petroleum machine parts.Especially the low-temperature impact toughness of the raw material fully reveals the advantage of Bengang petroleum steel products which are highly appraised in domestic Petroleum Industry.
Crankshaft steel 45 40Cr 42CrMoA 42CrMo4(+Ni+V) S38MnSiV etc Mainly used for manufacturing hardening and tempering crankshaft,non-hardening and tempering crankshaft for various high horsepower engines usage. Finished products have been widely used in Cummins ,Yuchai ,Shangchai,Italy Iveco ,Yiqi,REVO and Weichai Styer engine assembling.Our products are recognized for its stable mechanical property and low occurrence rate of magnetic mark defect.
Gas Cylinder steel 37Mn 34Mn2V 30CrMo 34CrMo4 etc Mainly used for high pressure seamless cylinders in domestic and North America and European Area manufacturing . High pressure seamless cylinder is refillable and movable,and has been used for holding perpetual gas or high pressure liquefied gas etc,It has been widely used in the fields of industrial and mining enterprises,construction,transportation,medical treatment etc.
Construction and Machinery steel 27SiMn 35MnBH 35CrMnSiA 40CrMnMo 40CrNiMo
42CrMo etc
Mainly used in the manufacturing of mining and various project-construction equipment, including excavator,loader,bulldozer,all kinds of cranes, mine hydraulic support and other mechanical equipment.