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Stainless Steel Products
  The main processing equipments of stainless steel include: Strip preparation line,two 20 high Sendzimir Mills, skin pass line, one recoiling line,one grinding and polishing line (plan to build).
Steel grade Specification Application
301  301L 0.2-3mm×970-1320mm Internal and external decorative materials / structural materials for trains and railway vehicles.electronic apparatus and parts.
304  304L  304LN 304: Household articles, indoor piping, auto parts, medical appliances, building materials, chemical food industry, fiber industry, ship parts and components.
304L: Machinery, building materials, heat resistant components and parts requiring high corrosion resistance in the chemical, coal and oil industries and the parts that cannot be heat treated, hot water machines, heat exchangers.
304LN: Structural parts of automobile, hot water tank.
304J1 Vacuum flask, insulated lunch box, kitchen combined hearth, feeding facilities for collective, pressure processing products.
316  316L 316: Water pipes, chemicals / paper making / dye / oxalic acid / fertilizer production equipment, photo industry, food industry, equipments used in coastal area .
316L: For the corrosive envoriment.
409L Automobile exhaust system (front pipe, converter shell, central pipe, long rear pipe), heat exchanger, container and so on.
410 Common blade, machinery parts, the first series of western style tableware (spoon, fork, knife and other).
410S It is used to make the lining to protect equipments for producing steam, mother liquid of hydrogen carbonate amine, hot sulfur containing petroleum from corrosion.
430 Heat resistant appliances, stoves, household appliances parts, computer parts (hard disk), 2 kinds of Western tableware, surface plates of combined heath , decoration materials for interior and exterior of building , surface panel of gas burner, washing tank.
436L It is used for automobile exhaust pipe, washing machine, electronic parts and so on.
439L Elevator decorative materials, household appliances (washing tanks), heat resistant machinery, automotive exhaust system components and so on.
441 Automobile exhaust manifold, front tube, heat exchanger, warm water bath, electronic components, heat resistant appliances, household appliances, tableware, surface plate of gas burner, external decoration materials, etc.