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Benxi Iron & Steel (Group) Mining Co., Ltd.

Benxi Iron and Steel (Group) Mining Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bengang Mining) was established on December 28th, 1995. During the enterprise reform, its organization was integrated in May 2020; then, after the reorganization of Ansteel and Benxi Steel, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Benxi Steel Group, Bengang Mining was reorganized on November 10, 2021.

At present, enjoying abound in iron ore resources mainly distributed in Benxi City and Liaoyang City of Liaoning Province, the company manages controlled resources of 1.48 billion tons and a potential reserve mine resource of 9.57 billion tons. It consists of 9 grassroots units, including Nanfen Open pit Iron Mine, Waitoushan Iron Mine, Nanfen Concentrator, Limestone Mine, Jiajiapu Iron Mine, Beitai Iron Mine, Liaoyang Pelletizing Company, an explosive factory and a storage & transportation center. By its continuous enlargement, transformation and structural adjustment, the output of Bengang Mining amounted to 8.19 million tons of iron concentrate, 2.16 million tons of pellets and 1.36 million tons of quicklime in 2021.

During the mining process, Bengang Mining mainly utilizes 21 drilling rigs such as YZ35, YZ55, pv351, KY250, KY310, 35 electric shovels of 4 to 20 cubic meters from Taizhong, Bucyrus, Liebherr, Carter and other brands, and 106 transport vehicles of 42 to 220 tons from Terex and Caterpillar; besides, in the mineral process, the company owns 46 sets of coarse, medium and fine crushers and 48 series of grinding mills; in the pelletizing process, the company has a 2 million ton grate rotary kiln acid oxidation pelletizing production line; in the lime kiln process, it has two 600 ton/day rotary kilns, one 800t/d rotary kiln, two sleeve kilns and five shaft kilns. its original value of owned fixed assets accounts to 10.946 billion yuan.

Adhering to the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics for a new era as the guidance, Bengang Mining focuses on efficiency and takes the three system reforms as the starting point, strives to build a new mining industry that is "green, safe, harmonious, intelligent and efficient" in accordance with the overall deployment of the "dual core" strategy of Ansteel Group and the requirements of the "Six Modernizations" mine construction. The company endeavors to the production, strengthen management, reduce costs and strictly control so as to give full play to the positive role of "ballast" and "stabilizer" in the group industry. Hence, comprehensively implementing the "1+2+N" series of reform plans, and aggregating the advantages of mineral resources to enlarge the industrial effect, the company attached great importance to the two main lines of "factor control+management transplantation" and "strategic guidance+resource coordination" through taking working efforts, stimulating vitality, improving efficiency and increasing benefits. Furthermore, by gradually improving the corporate governance structure, and making efforts, Bengang Mining will quickly achieve independent and compliant operation, so as to contribute to the achievement of high-quality development pattern of new mining, new Benxi Steel and New Ansteel .

Striving to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly green mining enterprise, Bengang Mining follows the basic requirements of scientific mining methods, efficient resource utilization, standardized enterprise management, normalized technological innovation, environment-friendly production processes, and ecological mining environment by forming a green production and manufacturing technology in the whole process and has realized efficient recycling of resources. At present, the company owns 7 production mines and 3 mines under construction. Among them, Nanfen Open pit Iron Mine, Waitoushan Iron Mine, Mingshan Limestone Mine and Yanjiagou Limestone Mine has been included in the first batch of national green mine inventory in 2020. In the future, the company will take great efforts to carry out green construction of the mines. Thus, it has set a goal of green mine warehousing rate of 100% and mine reclamation rate of more than 80%.