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High-Speed Wire Products
  There are four high-speed wire rod lines and two for bars. The annual production capacity of the wire lines is 3,500,000 tons and the specification of hot-rolled wire rod is Φ5.5-Φ16mm, the capacity of bar production is 1,500,000 per year and the main product is hot-rolled ribbed steel bar for steel concrete with the specification of Φ10-Φ32mm.
Ⅰ.Varieties and uses
Variety Grade Application
For cold heading ML08Al-ML15 10B21 SWRCH6A-SWRCH22A SWRCH35K etc For producing the standard and non-standard parts.
Drawing wire with low carbon Q195-Q235 SAE1006-SAE1022 SAE1006B-SAE1022B SAE1006+Cr(B)-SAE1022+Cr(B) For cold-rolled ribbed steel bar, welded reinforcing bar net, cold forming parts for common use, wire mesh, nail and construction etc.
Building material(valve snail) HPB300 HRB400(valve snail) HRB400E(valve snail) For building
Welding H08A H08C H08E SWRY11-B EM12K-B H08MnA H10Mn2 H10MnSi ER50-6 ER70S-6 TH550-NQ-Ⅱ TH550-NQ-Ⅲ For welding rod with certain specification and welding wire for CO2 shielding gas, argon arc welding, SAW.
HIGH CARBON HARD WIRE 45#-80# SWRH42A(+Cr)-SWRH72A(+Cr) SWRH42B(+Cr)-SWRH72B (+Cr) For making steel nails, wire ropes, steel cables, hose steel wire, bead wire, spring steel wire.
Wire rod for pre-stressed steel bar 30MnSi 30Si For all kinds of pre-stressed concrete pipe pile.
Pre-stress steel wire and strand SWRH77B SWRH82B SWRH77B+Cr SWRH82B+Cr For Partial specifications and levels of high strength low relaxation pre-stressed steel wire, indented wire, thread steel wire and steel strand.
Cord LX72A LA82A Reinforced materials of automobile tires and rubber products.

Ⅱ.Bar products and application
hot-rolled ribbed steel bar for steel concrete
GB GRADE:HRB400, HRB400E , HRB500,
British Standard grade: 460B, 500B, B500B,
Application:Hot-rolled ribbed steel bar for steel concrete.